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Pre-Assembled Multi-Part Binaries

Easynews makes downloading multi-part posts a snap with our Easy Assembler! Normally, large binary files are a pain to deal with, sometimes uploaded in hundreds of small parts each of which you have to download, assemble, decompress and that's only if all the parts are there! It's a time consuming processes and can be confusing to even the most technical of users.

The Easy Assembler makes all of this a thing of the past. It does all the hard work for you, and right from your favorite web browser. All you need to do is find what you want, click save, and start using the files! You can even set up the download queue from your mobile device.

No special client or app needed. It really is that easy, who else can say that?

Zip Manager

Not only is Easynews' browser based access the best thing since sliced bread, we've also made it even easier to download multiple pre-assembled files at one time with our proprietary Zip Manager.

Zip Manager works similarly to the shopping cart websites you are familiar with. Simply search for the files you want, select the checkbox next to them and press the "Zip" button at the top or bottom of the search results page. The Zip Manager opens up in a new window with the files put into a single zip file (up to 5000 files or 2 GB). You can have up to 10 queued zips waiting for you to download on either the standard port (80) or if you are at work or are having issues with your ISP, port 81.

Zip Manager also allows you to view the files in your zip if you've forgotten what you've put in there. And if any file is unwanted, you can remove the file prior to downloading right from the screen.

There are also several popular file type generators available to help after your download. They include a playlist generator (M3U), a ReadMe generator, a CSV and SFV maker as well as an NZB generator.

Zip Manager Screen

Zip Manager Screen

You can also easily share your queue with other Easynews friends and have them share theirs with you by enabling Queue Sharing. Simply add them to your "Allowed to share with" list in one simple step.

Queue Sharing Screen

Queue Sharing Screen

Rollover Gigs

Easynews happily offers Rollover Gigs for all plans. Basically, you get to keep what you've paid for. If you don't use as much one month, you can keep your gigs to use in a following month. The benefits to you are that you can keep unused gigs for use when it's convenient to you. You can also save money by using accumulated Rollover Gigs instead of having to purchase more gigs during months you have heavier bandwidth needs.

The only restriction is there is a cap on how many gigs an account can have available. Please see the table below for a full breakdown of cost, gigs and maximum gigs available information for each tier.

Tier Cost Billing Cycle Gigs Max Gigs Available
BigGig $29.94 30 days 150GB per cycle 3750GB
Plus $14.97 30 days 40GB per cycle 1000GB
Classic $9.98 30 days 20GB per cycle 500GB

iPhone, iPad and Mobile Support

Do you want access to your favorite newsgroups on the go? Unlike those other guys it's no problem for us. Easynews loves your mobile device! All you have to do is simply fire up your favorite browser on the mobile device and go. You're not only able to access the file right onto your mobile device you can also set up Zip Manager queues for use later when you're on your main computer.

Search, save and use anywhere just like your PC.

We're constantly making upgrades to our service for better mobile access, so be sure to check back often for updates as we strive to bring to you the absolute best mobile Usenet experience available.

See our 3rd Party Mobile Apps page for more information.

Refer a Friend

Being an Easynews customer has its rewards - like getting free service just for letting your friends know about us. In fact, Easynews offers the most complete refer a friend program on the market. Every time you refer a friend who joins the Easynews family, you'll get Triple Gigs or free months, free! It's your choice.

Plus it's easy to use! Post your unique link to your Facebook profile, Tweet it or simply email it all from our account page and start earning free stuff today! That's all you need to do.

While you're at it, let them know about all the stuff you love about us, like how Easynews makes your life easier and helps you save time with our in-browser viewing. After all, don't we all want to save time?

NNTP Header Compression

Easynews is proud to deliver header compression on all of its newsgroups and NNTP news servers to give our subscribers the highest quality and fastest experience of any provider.

This allows users to download headers up to 100 times faster than when downloading without compression. So with Easynews, get your headers and get busy using Usenet!