Easynews Testimonials

Testimonial 18

- Nina, Canada

I have had account with you since Jan 2007 and have always gotten good advice! Keep up the good work and thank you very much.
Testimonial 2

- Barstid, Seattle

EN is the best service out there for Usenet. Thanks for the unlimited nntp addon.
Testimonial 3

- Rex, USA

The choices, and speeds at which the service is delivered is nothing short of a big bang that will continue to expand. Thanks Easynews!
Testimonial 4

- Mike, UK

Very pleased with the service I receive. Money well spent. Great Stuff. Thanks..
Testimonial 5

- J.Car, Southwestern USA

Easynews: Best service and support anywhere! They deserve applause.
Testimonial 17

- Philippe, Antwerp, Belgium

Very happy customer for the past 6 years... intend to stick around.
Testimonial 6

- Lenny, Troy, IL

Thanks Easynews! It would be a shame if zombies destroyed your facility because you have a great service.
Testimonial 8

- Chris, New Jersey

Once again you guys have outdone yourselves. Take it from an old head you got it right both in design and the bigger gigs flat out rule.
Testimonial 9

- Bernard, Montreal, Canada

Always improving. You're the best by far!
Testimonial 11

- labpedro, Bedford, UK

outstanding service as ever, thanks guys
Testimonial 13

- Marc, Belgium

Easynews rocks!
Testimonial 1

- Huddy, USA

Have been a member for over 10 years!!!!! They are the best keep up the good work guys!!!!!! You have a member for life
Testimonial 16

- Ben, Montreal Canada

The name tells you all about it EASY NEWS!

- Marty, FL

This is the best news service I've ever seen. Easynews is the perfect choice to get started with Usenet.
Easynews Testimonial

- Nichol, USA

You guys make it stupid easy to find everything I need... and you're ultra fast. XOXO Easynews!
User Testimonial

- Pete, Hawaii, USA

Thank you for your fast customer support. Jacob made everything very easy to understand!