Easynews 101 - Zip Manager


In this video we will show you how to customize your Easynews Zip Manager experience.

The first option we see is the "Zip Manager Spillover" option turning this option on will tell the Zip Manager to place our files in the next available queue once the previous queue has hit the spillover size limit. We will see how to set the spillover size limit with the next option. The Zip Manager Spillover Size limit tells the Zip Manager when to spill files over into the next available queue - this happens when the files inside the queue hit the spillover size limit. The spillover limit can be set in kilobytes by using a k, in megabytes by using an m or in gigabytes by using a g.

The next option, "Zip Manager Quickview" will tell the Zip Manager to display only 10 files at a time when we look inside a queue. This option can be enabled or disabled. Lastly, we have the "Zip Manager Display Columns" this section allows us to set the columns we would like to display in our Zip Manager along with the order that those columns will be displayed in on the page. If you are new to Easynews we recommend you leave these settings to the default.