Easynews 101 - Index Settings


In this video we will look at the "Index" section of our Easynews preferences. Easynews utilizes very powerful indexes to help us browse for articles and files inside the newsgroups.

The index section of our Easynews preferences allows us to change the way search results are displayed on the webpage when we browse through the indexes. Looking at our options, the first one we see is the "Index Default number of results per page" – changing this setting will control the number of search results we see on the webpage.

Next we see "Index anchor jump" - enabling this option will cause our results page to jump to the spot on the page where the index we have selected actually starts. For example, if we sort our results by size by clicking on the size column and then click on a particular size as our index, our browser will jump to where that index of file sizes starts on the webpage. Moving on to the next option, we see "Collapse sets" – enabling this option will display files with multiple parts as one single link in our index search results.

Moving down, we see the "Index by Index" option – turning this option on will allow you to browse for files by the column index that we click on. For example, if we click on the "size" column, everything will then be indexed by file size and we can browse through the results by clicking on the different size indexes at the top or bottom of the page.

The Next option we see is "Index hover thumbnails" option - turning this option on will show thumbnails for each search result when we move our mouse over each of the search results. Next, we see the option "index hover information" – turning this option on will show tooltip information about each search result when we move our mouse over each result. The next option we see is the "Index default sort order" – setting these three options determines the first, second and third sorting orders of our results.

Finally we have the "Index Page Columns" options – here we can pick and choose what columns we want to display as well as the order they are displayed in on our index results page. For example, displaying subject, size, set, date etc.

If you are new to Easynews, we recommend that you leave all of these settings to the default. Check out part 4 of our Customizing Easynews series to learn how to configure the Easynews Zip manager.