Easynews 101 - Global Search


Welcome to the Easynews Global Search tutorial where we will show you how to search, preview and download files using our new and improved one of a kind web based Usenet search interface.

To get started using Easynews simply surf on over to Easynews.com and login. Once logged in, you will see the Easynews Usenet search interface.

Basic Search
To start using Easynews let's begin by searching for files to download using the basic search. Type your search keywords in the article search box, select the type of file you are looking for and click search. After a few brief moments Easynews will return a list of files matching your search criteria. Each file listed comes complete with a thumbnail preview so that you can preview the file before downloading. You can also view the full size thumbnail by clicking on the "full thumb" link. Once you have found the file you are looking for, you can save it to your computer by right clicking on the download link and choosing "Save Link as", or you can play the file directly from your browser by simply clicking the file link.

Advanced Search
If you are a trying to find something more specific on Easynews, change the search type to "Advanced "by clicking "advanced." Here you will find many additional search options to help you find the files you are looking for. We can search via keyword, subject, newsgroup or filename and extension. We can also filter our results by file type and as well as sort by subject and filename. We can further customize our Easynews search by setting preferences like "collapse file sets" to show single files, and "hover information to show us information about each file. Lastly, we can personalize the "output style" of our search by choosing a thumbnail view, a standard view, a block view or an RSS view.

Zip Manager
The Easynews "Zip Manager" is a proprietary one of a kind user interface that allows you to easily and quickly download multiple files at one time. To download multiple files we simply click the select check boxes next to the files we want to download and then click "zip." Next a zip manager dialogue box will appear where we type in a name for our zip file and click zip. Finally, to download our files we go to our zip queue by clicking on "zip manager" and then clicking the "download" link to save our files to our computer.

For more information about Easynews global search or its features, please visit our support center at support.easynews.com where you can browse our forums or chat with an Easynews specialist 24/7.