Easynews 101 - General Settings


Welcome to the "Customizing Your Easynews" tutorial video. In this video we will show you how to personalize your Easynews web experience allowing you to fully customize the look and feel of your search results, leaving all of your Usenet search results displaying just the way you like them each and every time.

To begin customizing Easynews, we first need to login and visit the preferences section.

To see our preferences we click "Preferences" in the navigation menu. Your Easynews interface preferences are made up of 4 different sections, "General","Search","index" and "zip manager." To fully understand each section let's look at each section one at a time.

First let's look at the "General" section, in the general section we can specify our "Preferred Interface" option - our preferred interface can be set to "Easynews" or "Easynews Vintage", each option completely changes the look and feel of Easynews. Choosing the "Vintage" option will display the old Easynews interface every time you login. Vintage is not recommended for new Usenet users.

Next, we have the "Navigation" option - this option controls where on the screen the navigation menu will be displayed. Moving on, we have our Safe Mode setting. Turning "Safe Mode" on will block adult content newsgroups from being searched. Next we can choose the language Easynews is displayed in. Easynews can be displayed in English or Dutch.

The next two options are for setting up the Easyboost download accelerator. Easyboost download accelerator makes sure we get the fastest possible speeds when we download. You can turn Easyboost off, but we recommend you leave Easyboost on for the best download experience. Easyboost has several different methods to choose from, to know which method we should use, we first need to run the Easyboost speed test. To run the Easyboost speed test click on "Open Easyboost FAQ", then scroll down and find the link called,"Easyboost Download Tester." Run the download test and set your Easyboost method to the Easyboost mode that tested the fastest. Easyboost 4 tested fastest for us.

Lastly, we can set our default search interface to basic or advanced. Changing this option changes the search screen that you see each time we login.

Check out part 2 of our Customizing Easynews series to learn how to configure your Easynews Search Settings.

For more information about Easynews global search or its features, please visit our support center at support.easynews.com where you can browse our forums or chat with an Easynews specialist 24/7.