Web-Based or NNTP Access

Easynews offers both Web and NNTP Usenet Access

Web-based access:

Log onto your Easynews account from anywhere you have an Internet connection. It's easy to search, preview and download content from Usenet newsgroups, and no 3rd party newsreader programs are required. Just login and go!

Features Include:

  • Customizable access packages
  • All Web based access accounts come with NNTP access included.*
  • Intuitive Search Options
  • In browser search result previews
  • Unlimited connections
  • 99%+ Completion
  • Up to 3895 days newsgroup article retention

NNTP access:

This is your traditional Usenet access. You will need to install and configure your favorite newsreader program to access our Usenet servers.

Features Include:

  • Unlimited access
  • Free 256 bit SSL Encyption
  • 60 connections
  • 99%+ Completion
  • 4309 days newsgroup article retention
  • Avaliable as an add-on or stand alone $9.95 (US)

Find out how easy Usenet can be with an Unlimited NNTP account with a free 14 day/10 gig account!

*NNTP and Web downloading share the same Gig limits